SCS: made for Wood

We thought to your wood machine applications to develop a new family of drives.

* Explore the potential of our Sensorless control mode to manage your drilling sections.
* Take advantage of the flexibility of our WideLoop control mode to manage your machine backgauges in a more efficient way.


All of this in a compact and cheap servo drive!






Some applications

Drilling machines, milling and stapling machines.



SCS paid big attention to it because is one of the fields in which its 30 years know-how can be a key factor.

Why? Our customers have to satisfy the market requests quickly and efficiently, to fulfil the needs in terms of flexibility and continuous innovation.
That’s mandatory for their success.

And that’s why SCS is the right innovation partner in these cases, because we can join our customer in the whole design process of its machinery.

SCS helps you to design the automation that better suits to your applications and tailors its products on your needs.

* To ease your job.

* To let you save money.

* To drive your solutions to success.

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