SCS Static Control Systems has been successfully operating in the industrial automation field since 1977.

In the beginning, the Company designed and manufactured static electrical controls for automated machines and systems and, starting in 1978, it began designing and manufacturing analog converters for DC-powered motors.

Thanks to its technical expertise, in 1986 SCS was chosen by Mitsubishi Electric as the sole distributor for Italy.

In 1994, the Company began manufacturing analog drives for trapezoidal brushless motors and in 1997, it designed and manufactured the first family of digital drives for sinusoidal brushless motors.

In just a few years, the vector converters became the Company’s leading product and, in 2005, a new generation of brushless motor drives was launched to upgrade the control section of the motor.

The release of third-generation brushless servo drives crowns the ten years evolution of the product line.

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