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SCS Static Control Systems works successfully in industrial automation field since 1977.
The Company has three business units: Systems Division, Drives Division and Commercial Division.

SCS Systems Division has to do with system integration: SCS designs and produces electronic equipment for many industrial fields, from Wire production to Steel Machines, from Printing Machines to Glass Machine.
SCS System Division has been certified by SIEMENS as Official System Integrator thanks to the wide experience in using all of SIEMENS products for industrial automation, from last generation PLC to industrial PC, from advanced supervision software environments to Motion CPUs and process control.

SCS Drives Division has to do with designing and producing mainly servo and converters for DC motors and brushless motors.
SCS has three decades experience in designing hardware and software for electronic servo drives; in the latest 10 years SCS has developed a family of brushless motors drives which represents the summa of reliability, technology and flexibility for SCS products. The drive can be customized for any customer need or special request, the R&D department is available to give the customer all the support and training needed to build successful and innovative solutions for his machines.

Thanks to its big experience and know-how in servo and motion control field, SCS has been chosen by Mitsubishi Electric to be the exclusive distributor in Italy for more than 20 years.

Nowadays the Company is present in the national territory and abroad offering to the market both design and engineering services based on the know-how and competencies of its R&D and Engineering departments.

SCS has made its name in the sector over the years thanks to the excellent quality of its staff. Our staff has played an important role in this growth through constant updates and professional improvements in order to respond to increasingly strict quality standards, thereby making a vital contribution to the success of the Company.
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