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March 2009 - The new family of SCS compact servo drives is about to be launched. All of the functionalities and flexibility tipical of our products in a very little package.

To let you save space. And money.

Futher info on Products menu, Servo Brushless section.
October 2008 Workshop & Training The workshop and training programme for the use of SCS product and their startup and debug tools in coming soon. More details about it will be available in the next weeks.
September 2008 Compact brushless servo drives SCS is performing test on the new family of compact servo driver prototypes. After completing the omologation procedure path, the products will be presented to key customers and then launched in the main reference markets.
August 2008 Motor cables SCS has redesigned the management of cable kits (power+signals) to connect CVSII drives to the motor. The new cable kit product line will be soon available, contact Sales Dept. for info and details.
May 2008 CVSII - Gateway function The gateway function from main fieldbus to CAN-Open bus is now available for CVSII product line. Thanks to this add-on it is possibile to use only one fieldbus module option for several drives, reducing the cost per axis.
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